Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Leveraging the Cybersecurity Framework to Protect Critical Infrastructure

By Brian Hubbard

After a year of working hand-in-hand with NIST to develop the Cybersecurity Framework, G2 has established an Implementation Support team to help critical infrastructure organizations leverage the Framework to improve their cybersecurity programs.

Our Implementation Support team assists organizations in the following areas: identification and scoping of their cybersecurity programs, development and analysis of their cybersecurity profiles, the analysis of gaps, and the development of action plans to close gaps.  In addition, we help those organizations implement those action plans with the intent of moving the organization toward their targeted state.

As an added value, G2 also provides training on the Cybersecurity Framework.  Our tiered training sessions are rooted in the many lessons that we learned while supporting the Cybersecurity Framework’s development and implementation.  We offer training that ranges from informational overviews for C-level executives to implementation seminars that focus on helping managers and operators understand how the Framework can improve their cybersecurity programs.  Beyond that, we facilitate workshops that help organizations develop detailed Framework implementation plans.

Our support doesn't stop at training and planning.  Our Implementation Support team also provides the expertise required to continually maintain and evolve your security program as the target state profile continually evolves to address newly identified threats, security vulnerabilities, or changes in technologies.  Additionally, our implementation team defines security target states for organizational suppliers. 

Our Supplier Risk Management capability identifies security risks imposed by your suppliers and establishes target profiles to manage the risk your suppliers impose.

For more information on our services supporting the implementation of the Cybersecurity Framework, or any of our other services, feel free to contact Brian Hubbard at or 301-575-5106.

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