Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G2 Leadership.

By: Paul Green, CEO

Eight things I believe about Leadership:

1. Being a Leader is a choice and does not require a title.

2. Leaders act with integrity and are fair. The bedrock of leadership is integrity. Integrity is the product of moral character and honesty and is closely associated to the consistency of our actions. If one says they are going to do something and then does not do it, they risk having their integrity called into question.

3. Leaders are trustworthy. Trust is a belief that something or someone has integrity. In other words it is the belief that something (or someone) will work as you expect. If you want people to trust you focus on consistently doing what you say you’re going to do, and always be fair to others.

4. Leaders create positive environments by being approachable and willing to listen to the ideas and concerns of anyone in the company. Leaders are willing to be transparent about how they make decisions. They have high expectations of others, offer praise when it is deserved and provide candid and timely feedback when those expectations are not met.

5. Leaders create a sense of belonging by building teams of people whose personal ideals and motivations are aligned with the core mission and values of the organization, and by helping each member of their team understand how they can contribute to the team’s shared goals.

6. Leaders inspire others. They keep us focused on our most important goal, remind us of why this goal is meaningful and lead by example.

7. Leaders build the esteem of others. Leaders let their people know they believe in them and their potential. They take the time to celebrate the successes of their peers and direct reports in front of others. Leaders offer meaningful encouragement, and help others realize their own success even when they can't see it for themselves.

8. Leaders empower others. They see more in people than they see in themselves. Great leaders hold us accountable not only for what must be done, but also to realize the fullness of our potential.

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