Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Leveraging Social Media When Engineering Tomorrow's Cyber Solutions

G2's Emerging Presence Online

At G2, we recognize that the most valuable cyber solutions begin with

meaningful collaboration.  On any given day, you can find our
engineers huddled around whiteboards solving the federal
government's most difficult cyber challenges.  Whether we're working on malware analysis, big data analytics, or security automation, G2
is committed to removing the barriers between its engineers and the broader cyber community. We believe that today's cyber engineer can interact with his or her peers in more productive ways, when leveraging the power of social media.

At this year's Social Media Strategies Summit (hosted by @gsmionline)industry experts discussed how companies and employees can interact with others well beyond their existing networks.  Conference speakers
like Jennifer Cohen Crompton, Glenn Selig, and Patrick Baynes spoke on topics like search engine optimization (SEO) and developing meaningful content.  They stressed the fact that thoughtful preparation (using industry-specific terminology, high-frequency search terms, and stimulating subject matter) can lead to greater visibility on social media sites.  By leveraging this strategy when tweeting, updating linkedin, and blogging, a software engineer in Ft Meade, MD can collaborate with a computer scientist at Google to produce tomorrow's computer network defense systems. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to help our engineers lead innovative discussions with other SMEs. While we are committed to sharing useful content via social media, we encourage our employees, industry colleagues, and friends to actively participate in the dialogue.

In summary: know your audience, create valuable content, connect & collaborate.

What types of cool techniques are you using to expand your online footprint?? We're listening!


  1. According to projections in 2013, Social Media is still a potent digital media marketing tool. In as much as virtual assistant companies are bundling it with solutions.

  2. From my experience in being a virtual executive assistant and working with other geo-people, Google plus alongside its apps like documents via DRIVE works best. That is what I call social media collaborative work-groups.

  3. Great advice. Concise and straight to the point. Back home, aside from getting a team of hardworking SEO specialists, it is also vital to get good it support perth to back you up and tell you things that may need to be upgraded. We sometimes focus too much on software that we forget the hardware.