Friday, June 15, 2012

Watch Dogs: Future of Hacking

By: D.F., Security Engineer @ G2

So I am a sucker for futuristic subjects and I always think of the whole "What If?" statement. So today I challenge you to think about what if there was a ctOS (central operating system). To start off remeber back in 2003 when the powergrids shutdown the northeast? Well what if that occured because of a virus and malicous works...meaning it was done by someone on purpose not just a power overload, but a virus that caused the systems to have the issues they did. This would govern EVERYTHING traffic controls, power plant, internet, communications, and pretty much many things we take for granted that we need. This would even include our health records, bank information, salary, and even internet activity. Everything governed by one operating system.
Now the big thing is that now a days we are constantly battling hackers over information and control of markets, buisnesses and whatever else. If something like this were to be exploited, the backlash would be tremendous. Sure this all may sound like a conspiracy theory but I am asking you "What If", this kind of stuff could very well be true since we are progressing into the future, this kind of technology can be made wiether its real, or under construction. The point is we are not safe no matter what an anti-virus does, no matter how STIG'd a machine is, there is ALWAYS a way to gain access to something and seize control. Just imagine the kind of weapons that would be out there soon, not physical but virtual weapons that can shutdown all we take for granted if we had a central operating system. I can say it is quite scary if you really think about it so my task for you is, humor me in watching this trailer...and at the end just think "What If".  I strongly believe that this is the kind of stuff us cyber warriors and G2, Inc. would be working on in the future years to come, always be open minided. Enjoy!
Trailer (Watch after reading):

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